Liber Research Community presents: atlas live (Video in Chinese)

 In City Planning, Land and Housing, Land, Housing & Transport, Small House Policy



自從《套丁研究報告》出台後,香港地有丁嘅都丁丁自危,係時候 check check 你嗰喥有無疑似丁屋苑增生喇。


本研社貼心推出瞬間看地圖,💛黃色範圍係健康丁地(鄉村式發展地帶) 🚨紅色係疑似套丁屋苑,嘩,你睇,真係丁到一地都係。我哋仲嚴選五大問題丁屋苑代表作,希望新界人最好企出嚟認咗佢。及早檢查,及早發現,忙唔係藉口嚟㗎~






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